Natural supplements increase the dosage of fruits and vegetables

Natural supplements, increase the dosage of fruits and vegetables

The human body needs a certain daily amount of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, even just by introducing kiwifruit, strawberries, citrus fruits and peppers, you will be able to avoid taking dietary supplements, which, if taken incorrectly and abused, can only lead to side effects.

Supplements in nature

Specifically, according to the Italian Society of Human Nutrition, the daily requirement of Vitamin C is 105 mg for men and 85 mg for women.

Only by introducing fruits and vegetables can these quantities be easily achieved. Consider that one raw bell bell pepper, provides 166 mg of Vitamin C while 15 strawberries as much as 81 mg.

Again, 2 kiwis, as much as 128 mg of Vitamin C but, also very rich in this nutrient, are red currants, orange, clementines or lettuce, arugula, broccoli and red cabbage. Even starting the day with an orange juice or consuming fruit during snacks can help meet daily Vitamin C requirements.

It must be said, however, that consuming fruit or helping oneself with supplements, does not make you immune to infection: you need to complement this with proper nutrition and an active, healthy lifestyle (exercising, not smoking and not consuming alcohol, mainly). The Ministry of Health, in fact, with regard to supplements, obliges manufacturers to include the words “Supplements should not be understood as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle“.

Precisely because, they cannot replace what is naturally provided in terms of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from fruits and vegetables and other foods we are used to consuming. In fact, very often supplements are abused precisely because they are not drugs.

They can actually have side effects, so it is always best to take them under medical advice (although they need no prescription).