Capena – The hemodialysis center temporarily closed

Capena – Hemodialysis center temporarily closed

The General Management of ASL RM F informs that the Capena Hemodialysis Center has temporarily suspended activities following the occurrence of cases of hyperpyrexia by n.d.d., Occurred within the span of only 2 days.

The’event was reported to the relevant authorities (Ministry of Health and Lazio Region) and an epidemiological investigation was immediately launched to understand the’origin of the problem.

Currently a team from L’Hospital L. Spallanzani and the ARPA are collaborating with the SISP (Hygiene and Public Health Service) of our ASL and are expected to complete the acquisition of news and data by Monday, 27/07, and subsequently prepare a report.

The patients affected by the’event were monitored and placed on antibiotic therapy with rapid resolution of the presented febrile symptoms, and from 11/07 onward there were no other cases; the affected patients in the previous 2 days no longer complained of febrile problems.

Regarding the transfer of patients to other Centers (50 in charge currently), we have made contact with the nearest locations and, given the urgency, have tried to distribute them in such a way as to create as little inconvenience as possible, although unavoidable given the distance of our District F4 from other facilities.

Once the emergency has passed, we are trying to relocate patients as close to their homes as possible, also in view of the fact that the date of reopening of the Center is not yet conceivable.