What not to do when returning from vacation

What not to do when returning from vacation

Returning from vacation brings with it anxiety and worry but also stress and lack of energy. There are in fact many do’s and don’ts when returning from vacation: what are they?

Upon return from vacation

When you return from vacation you suffer for a few days but then everything gradually returns to normal. First, it is better not to strain your body unnecessarily: if you know that you will have to resume work on Monday, it is better not to go home directly on Sunday but a few days earlier (even if this means giving up vacation days) so that you have plenty of time for final preparations and get better used to the idea of returning to work.

Even at work, don’t scramble to do everything the first few days back but select the things to be done, in order of priority, and gradually catch up on all the backlogs that will obviously have accumulated during the days of stop.

Lunch breaks at work will have to be longer than usual, at first and if possible, and then gradually return to the usual as before so as to bring one’s productivity up to speed.

Even if you have recently returned to work

Even if you have recently returned to work, it’s best to resume dreaming about your next vacation, even if only by thinking about where to go (not necessarily by booking it): just the idea of a new vacation can be the reason to strive to do your best and lift your spirits.

To this end, it is also crucial to avoid overlapping too many commitments with the return to work: for example, it is better to postpone any return to the gym by a few days or months (although one should never forget to carve out time for oneself and relaxation).

Therefore, always remember to sleep well and sufficiently just to bring the sleep-wake rhythm to its balance and always get up rested to face the working day in the best way possible.