Jogging why use specific technical clothing

Jogging, why use specific technical clothing

When jogging, that of clothing is also an aspect that should not be underestimated in order to get maximum results from this sport. For the winter season, for example, thermal clothing such as long-sleeved shirts or thermal pants that keep the muscle warm and protected are recommended.

But sweaters, tank tops, windbreakers and jackets for cold days and accessories such as neck warmers or caps are also important.

But why it is good to use specific technical clothing?

First because these garments are breathable, absorb moisture and do not generate unpleasant odors (unlike cotton garments that often cause body sweat to stagnate inside the fabric, generating precisely an unpleasant smell of sweat that is unlikely to go away even after a machine wash).

It is best to choose technical clothing made of polypropylene, which is a very light synthetic material and therefore is perfect for running. It is also a material that is resistant to the stresses of weather such as rain, humidity, heat, and the elements.

This material is also suitable for the summer season

This material is also suitable for the summer season because it allows you to keep your body dry at all times, protecting it from moisture (in this case, you can opt for a tank top or t-shirt also made of polypropylene).

Regarding the lower part, it is better to choose pants that wrap the limbs naturally, they should not be tight but not too loose either. Finally, the socks: best in terrycloth so that the foot does not slip but remains firm and protected from rubbing.

Thus, specific technical clothing is very important when it comes to jogging because depending on the seasons in which you practice the sport, your needs will be different: in winter you will want to protect yourself from the cold but not feel too hot while in summer you will want to wear something that lets your skin breathe without sweating.