How to diet in order to improve one’s fitness and health gener

How to diet in order to improve one’s fitness and overall health status .

January 31 of this year marked for our country the beginning of an event that definitely shook the whole population and will leave an indelible mark in the history of Italy and the whole world.

On this date, in fact, the first 2 cases of Covid 19 were recorded in Rome. Two tourists from China. But the date that really marked the beginning of the change we are still experiencing today was February 21, and that is when an Italian citizen (patient 1 from Codogno ) tested positive for Covid 19.

From there with the multiplication of the contagions and unfortunately the thousands of deaths the state decided to literally “lock” the citizens in their homes in order to protect the whole community from the very rapid spread of the contagion. This phenomenon has completely changed our lives, and has worryingly affected people’s relationship with food and food in general. We asked Dr. Radice for enlightenment.

Initial stress, tension, and fear, followed later by states of depression, boredom, and helplessness have prompted many to discharge their moods into food

I must say as a nutritionist that I have experienced this phenomenon very closely, through the stories of my patients. And it is for this reason that I decided to give advice to all those who had started a diet for cosmetic or even health reasons, and who are now having great difficulty following the eating pattern they were assigned.

The first thing to do is to find a new routine in this abnormal living situation.

If before my day was waking up in the morning, breakfast and then on the road doing the various activities (from the housewife driving the children to school to the merchant getting ready to open her own store.) today’s reality is well sdifferent and cannot turn into an eternal “weekend,” it cannot become just TV series and baking and sweets, but must find a new organization.

I have advised many patients to commit their days to organizing and executing those things that they have been putting off for a long time (fixing the closet or fixing the cabinet, etc.) but also carve out spaces in the day to read (real books) or perhaps write, or do activities that have a beginning and an end (e.g., sewing, painting)

It is indeed very fulfilling for all of us to start something and see it finished, it gives a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Of course, physical activity should not be neglected, which does not have to be working out at home, but can also be simply walking around the house, yes yes, walking.

After all, if we used to walk in the street now we can do it at home and to help us there are to support us so many applications that can be downloaded and that count the steps for us (I would say that we should take at least 5000 steps in a day)

In all of this, of course, I cannot fail to give dietary advice as well. So the first thing to do is to give yourself a schedule again, You cannot wake up when you want to, nor can you go to bed at 4 a.m. (remember? It’s not an extended weekend, it’s a quarantine)

So let’s give ourselves a wake-up call that is at an acceptable time and divide our diet throughout the day by dividing it into 5 meals.

A breakfast, 2 snacks a lunch and a dinner.

It will certainly be possible to “save” a snack for after dinner, a snack before going to bed can improve the night’s rest (essential for a good health of the body). We try to consume nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, but also fish, lean meats, eggs, and grains such as bread and pasta, perhaps whole grain.

Today there is much use of the term “nutraceutical” referring to those foods “that are good for you.”. This adjective merges 2 words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical” and is used to refer to all those foods that have characteristics that improve our health status.

So green light to snacks of fruit (preferably fresh and in season) rich in antioxidants,(such as Vit C which helps strengthen our immune system and is a wonderful anti-aging agent) or yogurt rich in probiotics that improve our intestinal microflora (we now know that a healthy gut also contributes to strengthening the immune system).

And meals rich in good proteins such as fish, which contains polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for the well-being of our arteries, lean meats rich in iron and vit B12, eggs, which for years have been demonized and instead guessed? They are not bad for your cholesterol, and in fact the yolk is rich in vit D which is great for your bones and again is a boon for your immune system, a tip on how to eat them in order to get all the benefits? the egg white (the white) must be well cooked and the yolk (the red) must remain soft so that this food is perfectly digestible.

All accompanied always by a good portion of vegetables or vegetables strictly in season and a portion of cereals (bread, pasta, rice, spelt, etc.,) preferably whole grain

But there can be no lack of food pampering in a balanced dietary scheme, so at snack time treat yourself to 15 to 20 grams of chocolate if you want a “sweet treat “but a light snack that does not exceed 100 kcal and that will allow you to “NOT ” feel dieting (the important thing is to always use common sense and moderation!)

Well, now all you have to do is to take back the reins of your life and start taking care of yourself again.