What to do if one of our family members suffers from depression

What to do if one of our family members suffers from depression

The depression is a real psychological disorder that manifests itself with a marked change in mood accompanied by swings in energy, thinking and life in general.

When one of our family members suffers from depression

When one of our family members suffers from depression, what can be done is certainly not to make the situation worse with phrases that exhort optimism or spur them to be more proud or put their best foot forward in doing something, even if it’s just going out for a walk.

All this may only make the situation worse: from the outside, those who see a “depressed” person think that he or she “enjoys” playing the victim or that he or she does not put much effort into changing his or her situation, but in reality this is not the case and we must first understand that this is an important illness and must be taken with the right weight.

Therefore, it is better to take an attitude of understanding and willingness to help, such as by making a hot drink, bringing medicine, or simply listening and being close.

Seeking an experienced clinical psychiatrist

The second step is definitely to seek out a clinical psychiatrist experienced in depression because you cannot help a sick person alone: the specialist will know how to identify the best treatment for that specific type of depression in that specific patient.

Once the expert is identified, one’s task may be to remind the family member of appointments, accompany them, encourage them to continue treatment.

On the other hand, it is also good to stimulate the relative to have a minimum of “normal” daily life, at least in doing essential and everyday activities (washing, changing clothes, not skipping meals).

As the acute phase passes, spur the family member also to reactivate his or her social life, to come out of isolation and resume relationships with relatives and close friends.