Hair what to do against the fall

Hair, what to do against hair loss

The life cycle of the hair consists of three phases: the first is growth, the second is rest and the third is fall, for an average duration ranging from 2 to 7 years. In addition, each follicle produces about 20 hairs during its lifetime.

The hair loss varies depending on several factors as:

  • sex (in men it is greater)
  • season (in autumn and spring the fall is greater)
  • health condition (some medications or certain diseases increase hair loss)
  • frequency of washing and brushing
  • hair density (the more hair you have, the greater the hair loss in absolute terms)
  • genetics

To combat hair loss there are several remedies such as lotions or some drugs such as finasteride and minoxidil. Again: massages, laser therapies, phototherapies and cryotherapies, which are all techniques that can be done in trichology centers.

For the most “severe” and irreversible cases, one of the most widely used techniques is hair transplantation.

However, an important role in preventing hair loss or limiting hair loss is also represented by the prevention.

Surely it is good to avoid drastic diets because these, as they lead to losing extra pounds, representing a sudden change for the whole body and organism, can also affect hair loss.

So, it is good to eat healthy and eat a balanced diet.

In addition, especially during the warm season, it is good to protect hair from the sun and tanning lamps, including using specific products (such as sunscreen oils or lotions or after sun).

If possible, do not smoke and also avoid secondhand smoke: several studies have in fact found a correlation between smoking and hair loss.

Finally, wash your hair only when necessary using products specific to your hair: 2 to 3 times a week would be ideal but it always depends on the type of scalp (if your hair is oily, washing will have to be done more often)