Sunscreen how often should it be put on

Sunscreen, how often should it be put on?

It is essential to apply the sunscreen in summer not only when you are at the beach at the beach but also when you simply leave the house during the hottest days when the sun is beating down.

This is because sunscreens protect against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, which are responsible for skin cancers or erythema and sunburn.

Last but not least, they allow for a perfect and even tan. Remember that the choice of after-sun cream is also crucial to soothe sun-worn skin.

But how much sunscreen to apply?

And every how much?

For an adult’s body, 30-35 grams of sunscreen (roughly the size of a golf ball) per application may be sufficient.

This is in fact the optimal amount to ensure adequate protection from the sun’s rays.

It should be applied on dry skin, before exposing oneself to the sun and even before putting on the swimsuit so as not to leave out even parts of the body that will later be covered by the garment.

As a general rule, sunscreen should be put on approximately every two hours, but if you were to take frequent or long baths, it is always best to reapply the cream once you get out of the water (precisely because it will have “washed” it off). In fact, the wording often found on sunscreen tubes “water resistant” does not mean that the product is waterproof.

It is precisely for this reason that the cream should be reapplied several times during the day at the beach precisely to continue to exert its protective effect.

Sunscreen still does not make one immune

In any case, sunscreen still does not make you totally immune from sunburn should you expose yourself for too long and during the hottest hours in the sun. So, it’s best to avoid too much prolonged exposure and pay attention to how long to lie in the sun.

As for children, however, it is always best to choose a 50 or 50+ sunscreen and prevent them from lying in the sun for too long