Fiumicino blood donation on June 17 at the Outpatient Clinic in Via Coni Zugna

Fiumicino, blood donation on June 17 at the Outpatient Clinic in Via Coni Zugna

June 14 is the nationwide celebration of “World Blood Donation Day” promoted by the WHO, the Ministry of Health and the most nationally representative Associations and Federations of voluntary blood donors.

The Municipality of Fiumicino and ASL Roma 3, in the persons of the Mayor Hon. Esterino Montino, Fiumicino Health District Director Dr.ssa Elisa Gullino and with the interassociative collaboration of AVIS, C.R.I. and FRATRES., make an appointment for everyone in the Fiumicino area on Saturday, June 17 from 7 a.m.30 until 11 a.m.30 for a blood drive to benefit the sick who need transfusion therapy on a daily basis.

The collection will take place at the outpatient clinic premises on Via Coni Zugna where donations can be made each month without the need to travel to the hospital G.B. Grassi thanks to the professional willingness of the transfusion health workers.

“This important initiative – says Mayor Hon. Montino – aims to promote, through appropriate information and through actions of awareness and solidarity, the increase of blood donation in the population and the activity of volunteering in general, the only true social value on which the commitment of every citizen must never fail.”