Kinesiology tape what it is used for

Kinesiology tape, what it is used for?

Kinesio tape or Kinesiology tape is a device designed to treat musculoskeletal disorders, inflammation and injuries of the body in which all those who practice sports on a regular basis can incur.

It is nothing more than an elastic band

It is nothing more than an elastic tape that should be applied to the most vulnerable points of the body of those who are performing physical activity in order to protect them from trauma and injury or to relieve pain in case of fractures, dislocations and sprains, improve proprioception and blood circulation.

It is usually made of elastic fibers almost always made of cotton that can stretch in length without expanding in width, just adapting to the movements of the sportsman.

It can be used as a joint support (thus working on tendons and ligaments) making them more stable and making them work properly; in fact, in this way joint movement is improved and becomes less rigid and there is a benefit to muscle tone.

The kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape, then, is most useful in cases of muscle cramps and fatigue and prevents over-extension, contractures and injuries by increasing control in the stretching phase.

Finally, in addition to improving blood circulation, kinesiology tape is also very useful in lymphatic drainage precisely because, when applied to the skin, it opens the lymphatic vessels allowing the lymph to be led more rapidly in its direction of flow.

In any case, for proper use and especially operation of this tape, it is best that an expert should apply and position it.

In fact, complications and unwanted effects could occur if the tape is applied incorrectly, such as!